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Title: Doctor BDSM
Featuring: Naomi and Mitch
Naomi and Mitch role play with each other as a Doctor and patient. He probes his patient and feels her body looking for any problems and finds that she needs her pipes cleaned. He ties her hands and prescribes her a cock injection
Video Length: 24 minutes
Title: Morning Riser
Featuring: Trisha and Dave
After an hour of snoring, Trisha had enough and made her hubby sleep on the couch. Feeling bad in the morning, she gently wakes him up with some hugs, strokes and cock sucking. It's not long before he is rock hard and turns her around
Video Length: 17 minutes, 17 seconds
Title: All Sexed Up
Featuring: Rhonda and Reggie
Reggie explores his white girlfriends pussy with his fingers before she sucks his cock , rides his face, and then climbs on top of his big black cock for the ride of her life. Then he lays her back for a hard missionary fucking until
Video Length: 12 minutes, 44 seconds
Title: Drying Off
Featuring: Shauna and Jimmy
Jimmy films his wife getting out of the shower as she drys off and he thinks dirty thoughts. He touches her boobs and then they move to the bedroom so she can suck him hard and get riding. She gets fucked several different ways before
Video Length: 18 minutes, 29 seconds
Title: Do Blowjob
Featuring: Suki and Richard
The hot asian wife tells her husband exactly what she wants to do to him. She tells him that she "do blowjob" and proceeds to show her expertise in that area. But she wants some pleasure too so she climbs on top and rides his cock
Video Length: 13 minutes, 15 seconds
Title: Starting Something
Featuring: Rhonda and Reggie
Rhonda is looking super sexy in the bathroom with only an open robe on. She eyes up her man's huge black cock and he invites her to have "bundles of fun" with it. They move to the bedroom and she breaks out her dildo to get herself
Video Length: 33 minutes, 11 seconds